You know you’re getting old when….

You know you’re getting old when…..

  • you would totally forget your birthday if it wasn’t for the Facebook reminders.
  • you would totally forget your birthday if it wasn’t for your husband and kids reminding you.
  • when you have to stop and actually do the math to figure out how old you are.


July 15, a whole lotta years ago, I made my Mom a first time Mama.  I’m her only child.  Why keep trying when you’ve already got the best.


For my birthday, Reed is going to take me to a nursery to look for a new bush to replace the one that croaked over the winter.  That might sound boring to you, but not for this old lady.

Then we are going to make a stop to Lowe’s and pick up a Gorilla shelf.  I have a couple of rooms in my basement that are basically storage rooms.  They are pretty small as far as rooms go, but they drive me nuts when it comes to organizing them.  So with that new Gorilla shelf, Reed and I are going to reorganize one of those rooms.

I guess I should have added that you know you’re getting old when getting a storage shelf and reorganizing a storage room makes you giddy.  This one holds lots of medical stuff, so it’s even sweeter to get it organized.


When my big kids were little kids I used to fantasize that this would be the time of my life when I would have nice stuff.  New cars.  Update my house.  Take a trip or two.

Funny how you can make plans until the cows come home only to discover life had something entirely different in store for you.

In my case it was a beautiful Brave Hero who changed my life forever…….for the better…..for the much, much  better.

We may not have the new stuff, the trendy up to the minute stuff.  But I have a husband I adore.  6 beautiful kids.  A safe roof over my head.  And I’ve never once had to go hungry. Friends.  Family.  Support and love.  These are the best gifts a girl could ever ask for.

I call that blessed beyond measure.  Happy Birthday to me.



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