Yard Sale Scores

It’s finally turned yard sale season around here.  I have my list and I’ve been out a couple of times.  I’m being very picky.  Just because something is a great deal doesn’t mean you uh…..I….. need it. Now on to this week’s yard sale scores!

I’m always on the look out for great deals on clothes for Parker.  He’s an eight year old kid wearing a size 5 bottom, and a size 6 top.  Often times clothes that come in his size are way to ‘little bitty boyish’ for this strapling young Hero of mine.

Okay, maybe that’s pushing it a little bit.  But he is up to 42 pounds and I guess I’ve let that go to my head with giddiness.

pants bought at yard sales

I try to find pants that have elastic waists and are easy to pull up.  No, Parker can’t pull his pants up on his own.  His fine motor skills and hand strength aren’t there yet.  Have I mentioned that we are working as hard as we can to get Parker more therapy hours?   We are talking a need here, one that we aren’t sure how to solve long term.  I get frustrated and discouraged just thinking about this.  So let’s move on, shall we?

I don’t just look for clothes that fit now, but also clothes that will fit in a year or two.

another yard sale score

Retail price of these Naatarjie pants?  Somewhere around $15.-20.00. My price?  $1.00  Score!

I used to be able to get by with only paying about .50 per clothing piece.  Prices have gone up.  Yup, even at yard sales.  So I have to think hard as to whether anything, even a shirt is worth it or not.  I’ve worked too hard to get rid of stuff to just fill my house back up with stuff that won’t get used.  Plus, a dollar saved is a dollar earned, eh?

a shirt bought at a yard sale

Another $1.00 purchase.  It looks brand new.  I don’t think it was ever even worn! 

When I first saw the Fisher Price Farm, my thought was that it would be out of my budget.  My second thought was, yikes!…..that sucker’s dirty!’

great yard sale deals

The yard sell manager saw me looking and made a bee line over.  She picked up the farm and quoted me the price.

TWO BUCKS.  Yup.  Two.

MUCH less than the brand new price of over $30.00.

My older kids really didn’t play with these when they were little.  And it’s not something that Parker would just sit down and start playing with.

Things to look for at yard sales

However, it IS something that works well to help a child gain language.  Think ‘the chicken is in her nest.’  Or, ‘the dog is on the top of the barn.’

Our classroom is teeny.  I don’t have lots of room to store stuff like this.  But I figure that later I can sell it to Kid to Kid and at least make my money back.

Fisher Price farm horse

I did have to scrub this farm down in the bathtub as soon as I got home.  Then I soaked it in a weak bleach solution and did many, many rinses.  Overkill?  Maybe.  Worth it?  Totally.

This weekend I saw a LOT of great furniture.  There was a drop down table that I  would have loved to have been able to pick up and paint.  I’ve been wanting a desk so I can set up my sewing machine and leave it up rather than having to take it down and put it up over and over again.  It’s not in the budget now though, but it is still fun to look and day dream.

I came across a couple of sweetly priced almost new upright freezers.  I so need another freezer.  I am hoping for a small half sized chest freezer in the no more than $40.00 range.  I don’t really have a place to put it yet, so I’m not in a rush.

I was super excited to come across a table full of books perfect for Parker.  But the owner was asking $3.00 per book.  She wasn’t willing to make a volume discount.   In my area $3.00 per book is an outrageous price.  There were about 10 books I would have loved to have added to Parker’s library.  A buck is my top price for a Scholastic paper back children’s picture books.  I’ll bet she didn’t sell a single book.

My grand total of spending this week?  $4.00 plus the cost of fuel. 

So, who else did their shopping at yard sales this weekend?  Come and share your yard sale scores!  I’d love t hear about them.







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