Yard Sale Prices

I hit a few yard sales Saturday as I ran a few errands. I wasn’t able to get out until about noon, but often times hitting the yard sales later makes for better deals as people are ready to pack up and just want to get rid of what hasn’t sold.  I have to tell you though, I’ve been really surprised at this season’s yard sale prices.

One of the items on my list are shorts/pants for Parker.  I stopped at one sale and found several pair of pants/shorts in Parker’s size.  The price on each pair was $3.00.  Way out of my yard sale budget and way more than what is usually asked for at yard sales.

Seeing as each pair had elastic in the back, something that makes it MUCH easier to have Parker put on his own pants, I decided to offer a buck and a half for each pair of shorts and pants and purchase them all.

These were not upscale or trendy in any way.  They were Old Navy and another brand I didn’t recognize.  My usual price for shorts is .50 and I will go as high as $1.00 on pants if they are in great condition.  These pants had some fraying on the hem of each pant leg, but I wasn’t worried about it as I have to hem every single pair of pants Parker gets anyway.

Up I go with my short stack of shorts and pants and I offer a dollar each, thinking that the owner will counter and we’ll end up somewhere around $1.50 a pair.   uh.  nope.  She’s at $3.00 a pair.  FIRM.  I’m betting she still has every single pair.  The only reason I was willing to go up to #1.50 a pair was because of that elastic, which is hard to find in this size.

Many people won’t make an offer when shopping yard sales.  If it is a fundraising yard sale, or if a child is selling something of theirs, I don’t make a lower offer.  But if something is priced way above typical yard sale prices, I figure……why not.  And since I was offering to purchase ALL of her jeans, and most counter when receiving an offer, I was surprised at her answer.

I thanked the yard sale host and left.

At the next yard sale I stopped off at I found a pair of shorts for the P Man for .50.

Little Tikes Easel

I picked up this easel for a fraction ($5.00!) of what it cost new.  It looks as though it’s never even been used!  It’s perfect to use outside on messier painting projects because I can simply hose it off!

It pays to stick to your price point per item.  So far, I’m discovering people wanting way more for their books and kids clothing.

What I am finding in GREAT supply for incredible prices is furniture of all things.  And not Granny’s worn out living room set either.  Like new, great quality, low priced furniture.

Of course there’s no furniture on my ‘items to look for’ yard sale list for this season.


What are the prices for kids clothing in your area?  Have you noticed prices going way up where you live?


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