With Love From The Hodson’s

We spent Christmas Eve at my parents’ house in Spring Lake.  Part of our night included McCall and Kenny (my blue eyed girl) playing Mary Did You Know.  Because my parents don’t have a piano, they had to pull it off without  accompaniment. Hence, the the long empty spaces.

Along with the peanut gallery remarks from the 15 year old.


With the piano this arrangement was beautiful enough to bring you to tears. But I think they did a pretty good job without though too.

This song was dedicated to Parker’s (and our) friends, Tracy, Brooke and family.  They have shown our family so much love this year.  Their faith in Parker is truly amazing. I hope one day to be able to develop a heart as beautiful as Tracy’s and have made a goal for 2011 to be a year where I give more of my time and talents to others.

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