Winter: A Preschool Unit

Some days preschool just doesn’t go as

well as this Mama would like.


Case in Point:

When a certain little Brave Hero decides to ignore everything and just turn his back on me.

Parker is still working off his anger from the surgery and that FEES procedure.


But being the Mama to 6, I’ve learned that sometimes you just gotta press forward and hope they join in.

Today’s lesson included the color green, snow and snowmen. The picture cards are from both Learning Resources and Lakeshore Learning. Along with Discount School Supply these three companies are the ones that get most of my business.

(As a matter of fact I have an up and coming review/giveaway from Discount School Supply in the works! I’m sooo behind after this last surgery.)

These picture flash cards represent Parker’s vocab for this preschool unit.


What is a unit on winter without snow?


We started out by using the big green maker to make ‘circles’ inside the circles on the snowman. This is a great activity to reinforce eye hand co-ordination, ‘circles’, and following directions. Except for the fact that Parker would only do this with his left (NON-dominate hand) it went…..okay.

It was right about then that I was ready to give up.

But then I pulled out the second part of our activity.


Suddenly Parker’s rotten attitude changed.


Who knew a little bit of snow could make such an impression?


My kid?  Enthralled.


Seriously so.


Then I upped my game.


And made the snow green. Green is our color of the week. It’s hard to tell, but Parker is signing green here. But he is using his middle finger instead of his index finger.


Green snow, rocks.


We even wandered into the realm of compound words with ‘snowball’.  My boy loves anything that includes a ball.

Your kid may sleep with a favorite blankie.

Mine sleeps with his big brothers’ basketball.

Yup.  A genuine Hodson boy alright.


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