Where We Stand Today:

I had no idea that requesting a consult with another surgeon would be breaking so many unwritten laws of demi-God etiquette. (I have no spell check up here. Sounding out words will be a requirement for now.)

I’ve been visted by surgical residents, PA’s, and all manner of medical staff asking why I would want to look beyond the surgeon who did Parker’s first ostomy surgeries for another to perform any future surgeries.

I’ve been polite, but have stuck to my guns. I’m getting very good at handling the incredulous looks that have been thrown my way to let me know that according to them this mere mortal is even dumber than those they are used to.

Yesterday in talking with the GI Specialist the thought process is proceeding in this general direction:

There is the very distinct possibility that Parker actually did indeed receive the wrong stoma. Ahem. I’ve only been fighting for someone to recognize this for the last three years. His stoma is much, much larger than it should be and it is ‘trapped’ by the surrounding skin which in turn is pushing on it causing it to bleed when Parker gets upset or uses his stomach muscles to pass gas, etc.

Via the colostomy in August we know that the only part of Parker’s stomach that was having issues was about a 10 cm area that included his stoma.

We will also be adding dye to Parker’s feeds to see if he could be aspirating on them via the reflux process. If we see colored stuff coming from his trach we will know there is a problem and that he will indeed need a Nissen.

And we will most likely be participating in another PH probe within the next couple of days. That is the ‘gold standard’ of knowing whether or not we have a need for a Nissen or not.

If not, then they will proceed with a G tube placement to get that ng tube out of his nose and the opening of his stomach.

We will also be upping one of Parker’s meds that helps to empty out his stomach of foods to make sure that mobility within his his esphogus isn’t too slow. He’s gained a couple of pounds since August and it makes sence that his dosage would need to increase.

So, in nutshell we are looking a surgery for stoma repair, a G tube, and perhaps a Nissen. Instead of one huge stoma with two openings, Parker would receive two small, button sized stomas, each with one opening each. The type of stoma he should have received in the beginning.

This, of course, could all change when we meet with the new surgeon.

I’ll keep you posted.

Please keep the prayers coming.

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