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True confession time.  Hopefully confessing will be the final nudge I need to get my act back together.

I hate dinner.  Seriously.  Hate. It.

Okay. Maybe I just hate it when I’m so tired I can barely see straight and I still have dinner to make……and clean up.

After a day of caring for Parker, homeschooling, cleaning, more cleaning,  the laundry (how is it that with less kids living here I still have just as much laundry?) and Parker’s at home therapies, just the thought of making dinner makes me want to run away from home some nights.


I’ve resorted to taking the easy way out once a week.  Pizza.  The cheap kind, true, but the kind that requires money I should really put towards medical debt none the same.  Or in today’s case, an oxygen concentrator. 

I’ve ordered more pizza in the last three months than I have in the last three years.

Then it dawned on me.

$20.oo x 52 weeks comes out to be over ONE THOUSAND dollars.   I could purchase a brand new oxygen concentrator for that price….or at least close to it.

It’s rather stunning to see that in writing.  How easy it could be to blow a ton of money on fast food.

Pardon me while I go bang my head against a wall.  I’ve been on the road to spending an incredible amount of cash on being too tired to make dinner. 

I’ve spent the last few days creating a simple, healthy and CHEAP new 30 day menu.   Crock pot meals.  Meals I can assemble in the morning before I’m too stinkin’ tired to cook.  Meals I can create using items I purchase in bulk anyway.

Menu planning is just part of my problem these last few months, though.

The other part  is balance.  Using good time management.  You know, all the things that go straight to hell the minute you give birth to a medically fragile kid with special needs and lose all control of how you get to manage the time that in reality is no longer yours to own.

Luckily, this littlest Hodson boy of mine is cute enough to make it all worth it, eh?

They say the first part of recognizing you have a problem is admitting to it.  Consider this my admitting.

Now to get my act back together.

And create a chart assigning each of my kids a night to clean up after I cook.

How do you handle the dinner making at your house on the nights you are exhausted?

PS:  To make this post even more timely, I found out that the affordable used oxygen concentrator I was going to purchase tomorrow was sold out from under me.  (I keep thinking ‘if only I hadn’t done this or that…..then maybe I’d have the cash to…..’ )  Who makes a verbal agreement and then backs out on it without even giving you an opportunity to match the new guy’s price?  Trying to find affordable used durable medical equipment is hard enough.  Dealing with people who leave you hanging out to dry while they try to make a better deal……suck.  But we’ll keep on keeping on, cause that’s what we do around here. 


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