When that rug keeps getting pulled out from under your hopes…

Tuesday Reed and I took Parker up to PCMC for a swallow study.

Why?  To see if Parker’s surgery to tent his epiglottis worked.

When we got up there, I went to check in only to discover that our appointment was actually for Riverton,  NOT PCMC.

Ah, yes.  Me…..at my finest.  Again.

Fortunately they were able to get a team together and get us in at PCMC anyway.  I’m not sure but it may have been the look of sheer panic and desperation that spurred everyone into action.

I was surprised to see that the speech therapist had set up several different thicknesses of food to test with.  When questioned about this we were told that she had set up exactly what our ENT had ordered.



Fixed Photo Compliments of Parker’s Friend GiGi!

On film everything looked as though it went down the right way.  We left feeling excited to think that Parker might be able to eat!

And then came bedtime.

And the increased oxygen requirements.

And the heart rate that turned bonkers.

And a Mama who sat in the rocking chair watching and worrying.  Who needs sleep when there’s something to worry about, no?

It came to me as I was watching and worrying, that these symptoms are the same exact ones for a child who has aspirated on something.

What, though, could that something be……?

Oh. Wait.  I know…..

……the liquids from the swallow study perhaps?  The liquids I specifically asked about?  The ones that looked as though they went down the proper plumbing on the films?

I have a bit more experience under my belt now.  I won’t be feeding Parker anything until another FEES study has been performed.  It may be that this surgery helped with Parker no longer aspirating on saliva and mucus, but doesn’t protect when certain thicknesses of liquids are force squirted down your throat.

Maybe, the surgery wasn’t as effective as we had thought.

Talk about that damn rug being pulled out from under our hopes….. again.




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