What’s YOUR Kid’s Super Power?

Parker is still not back to his baseline. And as if to underline the point we received a call today that the cultures taken from Parker’s trach last Sunday are growing all kinds of funky and unpronounceable little beasts.

Little beasts of the snot producing kind. Evident in Parker’s new found ability to spike his hair with the product of his trach.

Gives a whole new meaning to ‘Going Green’ eh?

Yeah. I know you’re jealous. I would be too. It’s totally understandable.

My kid makes his own hair gel. What’s your kid’s Superpower?


(And for the sweet lady that just emailed me very concerned that I couldn’t see anything better in Parker than this…….please understand that I was trying to be funny.  The last several days have been a tad bit stressful and I can either find a reason to laugh or a cliff to leap off of.  I choose to laugh.  So, worry not.  Parker will always be our Bravest of Heroes.  This kid could never be limited to only one super power.  No way. No how.)

Anyway, as I was hanging out on Twitter* today, a Tweet caught my eye as it’s author asked:

Where do you do your summer shopping at?

Well, you can imagine the answers that came in reply to that Tweet:

Old Navy!
The Children’s Place!

Whoa. Hold up.

I lurve me some Gymbo too. But not the kind you shop for at the Mall. Nope. I much prefer the kind you shop for at………..

……yard sales, baby.

As a matter of fact one of my goals is to stock the Brave Hero up on clothes shopped totally from yard sales.

Because these days thrifting is chic. And hip. And smart.

These are a pair of brand new Gymbo shorts in size 2T. Which I nabbed for the beyond reasonable price of $0.25.


Of course these size two fit my 4.5 year old like pants. sigh. We’re working on that. Really. Unfortunately, the cure of chicken legs is proving to be a tad bit evasive.


See that adorable Gap shirt? Another thrifty find.


Booty shot: Priceless!  No.  Really.  Priceless.  Doesn’t a (almost) million dollar butt qualify as priceless?

We think so.

*Hey!  Are you following us on Twitter?  We’re @ParkerMama and @5minspecneeds


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