What twenty bucks and a ton of elbow grease will get ya…

Remember THIS post?

The one where I share how we are trying to open up enough space in Parker’s safe room so  we can fit a twin sized bed in?

Cause the whole mattress on the floor thing does not a good night’s sleep make.

After MONTHS of looking I found the perfect piece to house Parker’s vent, compressor, humidifier, pulse ox probe,  suction machine, medical supplies AND diapers.  (woot!)


I felt pretty good about talking the previous owners down to $20.00 from their original asking price of $30.00.

Until I really got in there and started cleaning it. YUCK! The crud. The spiderwebs. And did I mention the crud?


While it was outside I didn’t notice any….uh….aroma coming from this little beauty. But after having been in the confines of my garage over the weekend, I realized that  a little something  had unexpectedly followed us home.

A little something that smelled like dirty feet. ugh.

Trust me. Parker is perfectly capable of providing his own funky smells. I certainly don’t need to bring in anything from the outside to join the party.

So, instead of using the leftover primer I already had on hand I had to make a trip and purchase a brand that also blocks funky smells.



This thing is going to be a BEAST to paint. But I couldn’t have found a better piece to fit the needs of the room.


She’s all primed. I just need to do a light final sand and then run a tack cloth all over.

I’m not sure about the paint color.  Any ideas?

The top doors are gone forever. The bottom doors will go back on once everything is painted. The side doors are for holding things like DVDs.  I’m thinking these doors will live out the rest of their lives being faux.   I’ll also add an extra shelf in the large space in the middle.

$20.00 for the entertainment center, along with the cost of primer (drat!) and paint.  We are talking a FRACTION of what something like this would cost new.

Our days of sleeping on a mattress thrown on the floor are officially numbered.

Thank heavens.

PS:  We are STILL waiting to hear back from Parker’s Pulmo.  They are thinking of changing out Parker’s controllers to ones that would last all day, thus offering some better protection for those highly reactive lungs of his.


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