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Today (Wednesday) at 10:20 a.m. MST, Parker is scheduled for both an ECHO and an EKG.  There is a lot riding on these results and I’m a bit of a worried mess.  Any and all prayers offered up in Parker’s behalf for this ECHO and EKG to reflect how well he is doing in real life would be MUCH appreciated.  Prayers that at the end of the day we can feel hope are especially coveted.

It wasn’t that long ago that I had grand plans.

Plans to move from this house to another.

One more modern.  One newer.  One with a bigger master bathroom and maybe even a fireplace.

But the biggest reason for my plans was the road work anticipated to happen in front of our neighborhood.

When we first moved here the road in front of our neighborhood was a little country kind of thing.  A few cars an hour……if that.  We had checked out the city’s master plan before we built.  While we knew the road in front of our neighborhood would, in time, get busier.  What we didn’t know about were  the backdoor deals, and dirty double crossers  making plans to shift things from their neighborhood to ours.


The sign reads “Sidewalk Closed”, which is a damn good thing, since the sidewalk is actually GONE.

Every step of this process came down to money.  From those who believed their neighborhood should be spared because their houses were bigger and their paychecks bigger, to a city who decided they needed  a golf course that they couldn’t afford once they got it.


There used to be a house right here.  And houses all the way down to the stop light.  They have been demolished.

Oh,  I was active in fighting the inevitable.  I went to the meetings.  I spoke out against the Wal-Mart wanting to put down roots in a place it didn’t belong.


Getting out of our neighborhood these days is quite the experience.

And not a good one.

Then Parker came along and things changed.



One thing about having a medically fragile child with special needs is how it changes your priorities.  Suddenly keeping your kid alive becomes way more important than the road outside of your neighborhood.  Especially when you don’t get out of your house all that often anyway.

And this house that I couldn’t wait to get rid of became a source of security.  Something to save rather than get rid of.  In times of turmoil a girl needs a safety zone.  Even if it does have the smallest master bathroom ever.

Over the last 6 years I’ve fallen in love with this home.  I can’t imagine leaving it.  Especially considering how close we came to losing it.

I have a friend who tells me that she believes that kids with special needs come into the world to teach us things.  I’ve always said that I need Parker way more than he needs me.

It’s one of the things having Parker in my life has taught me.  The ability to tell the difference between what is important in this world, and what is deception masquerading as necessity.


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