What makes YOUR life easier?

My favorite pharmacist works at Wal-mart.

But I don’t get Parker’s meds there.

They have wonky hours.

They close too early.

And aren’t open on Sundays.


It doesn’t happen often, but an open pharmacy comes in mighty handy in case of a Sunday emergency.


What I like about  Parker’s current pharmacy has everything to do with how much easier it makes my life.


This pharmacy comes with a drive up window.

Haven’t showered or brushed you teeth because your kid has spent the last three days circling the drain and now you have to go get a prescription filled?

No worries.

These guys have a drive through.

So. What kind of things make YOUR life easier?


  1. Tara Oct 27, 10
    • Tammy & Parker Oct 27, 10
  2. christine Oct 27, 10
    • Tammy & Parker Oct 27, 10
  3. kadiera
    Oct 28, 10
  4. Debbi Henry Oct 28, 10
  5. Becky
    Oct 28, 10
  6. Scarehaircare Oct 28, 10
  7. Heather
    Oct 29, 10
  8. Chris Nov 1, 10
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