What is it about a haircut?

A sweet friend comes to my home to cut my hair.  It’s been a lifesaver.  This week she also cut Parker’s hair.

Easy Peasy, no?

Not even close.


First is to have Parker assume the special haircut position.  Yes, this indeed required the help of both of Parker’s older brothers.



Then come the clippers.  Along with the yelling.  You’d never know a kid with pulmonary hypertension could make so much noise..


The 22 year old wanted to give Parker a Faux Hawk along with letting him grow out a hair ‘tail’ just like his.  I told him no, that one person in this family with an utterly ridiculous haircut was enough.


I have no words. 


Tthe sixteen year old often leaves me speechless. He’s trying to act all buff and tough here.  He’s not quite ready to go prime time with this look.   At least by this time the haircut was almost finished.

What is it about many kids with special needs and hair cuts?  Sensory issues?  Personal space issues? Fear of  being forced to sport a Bieber ‘do?*   This kid has had a  lot of haircuts and the entire experience is only getting worse.  No sooner than my friend walks in the door and Parker is waving goodbye to her while making a beeline to anyplace she isn’t.

What about your child?  Do they have issues with getting their hair cut?  How have you solved these issues?

*I could NEVER be that cruel to one of my kids.   heh.


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    Sep 16, 11
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