Weight Gain and the Child with Special Needs

Parker was almost up to 37 pounds. So very close. The weight gain happy dancing was in full force.

Then he got sick.

Pneumonia. Pseudomonas. That damn Adenovirus that came with a 12 days of diarreha and zofran just to keep the meds down.

Before we we knew it Parker had lost down to skin and bones. 34 pounds on Parker comes with hip bones sticking out and ribs you can count from across the room. It comes with wrist bones and knuckle bones sticking out so far it makes this Mama want to weep.

34 pounds means that when I put Parker’s size 4 pants on, they immediately fall off, requiring me to to dig out the 3Ts and dress him in those.

One size difference might not seem like a lot…..until you remember that Parker just turned 7 last month.


I find it highly ironic that while my kid can lose a pound just by blinking, I can gain 10 over the worry of that pound just lost.
You’d think there’d be a provision in the Special Needs Mama’s Bill of Rights that said worry will only make these Mamas skinny.


I’ve worked Parker back up to his blenderized diet. Whole foods. Today’s blend included organic nuts, organic olive oil, full fat goat milk kefir, organic fruits, veggies and grains.

People tend to think I’m kinda nuts when I tell them how much of our grocery budget goes towards Parker’s blenderized diet. Why don’t you just get the free stuff provided by Parker’s waiver, they ask.

Well, I could. Except1. Parker never gained well on canned formula. 2. I don’t believe that a body was meant to do well eating the exact same chicken, green bean, and high frutose cranberry cocktail day in and day out.

In the gardening season the cost isn’t as high as I can just go outside and pick a lot of what I need. It’s winter that things get costly. For me good nutrition is the first step to good health…and good health is what we spend so much time praying for over here.

I’ve been keeping the heat turned up higher. I’ve been dressing Parker in more layers too. I can’t risk him burning off calories trying to keep himself warm. However I think I’ll be gone for awhile when the next heat bill shows up. Reed tends to get a wee bit touchy over high utility bills although he understands that it can’t be helped right now.

I’ve heard of some states that pitch in on utility bills for kids who need energy sucking technology like concentrators and vents to keep them alive.

Yeah. Utah ain’t one of them.

Houston, we have a problem.

Who else worries about weight gain and their child with special needs?

What have you done to help your kid gain weight loss after an illness or surgery?

We’ve got almost three pounds that Parker’s boney little body needs to reconnect with….the sooner the better.


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