We are the Proud New Owners of our very own


Well, not a whole cow. Just half of a cow. And we are actually splitting our half a cow with my parents. So, technically we are the proud new owners of one fourth of one half of one cow.

Pretty cool, eh?

And just why would we want to be owners of even a part of a cow? Well, have you priced out hamburger these days? Not to even mention roasts or, the so far out of our budget range it is pathetic, steaks? Add into the equation the sheer volume of mouths I have to feed on a daily basis and the answer is clear that is beef by the hoof is by far cheaper than beef by the pound. We will be paying $1.35 a pound for our share of our cow. That includes the wrapping and uh, what they have to do before they can wrap the cow. That is $1.35 a pound for everything from hamburger to roasts, to ribs to steak. And our investment will ensure that our freezer is stocked with meat for a very, very, very long time. Considering the fact that we never know when we are going to be hit up with yet another unexpected medical bill; like the one for the overhaul on our LESS THAN A YEAR OLD oxygen concentrator, it is comforting to know that the freezer will be well stocked.

And that kind of comfort is a very good thing.



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