We are special needs homeschoolers.

I’m watching as all the first day of school posts are making their way through my Facebook stream.  There’s something exciting about a first day of school.  That excitement is contagious even when your kid’s classroom is right next to his bedroom.  Yup.  We are special needs homeschoolers.

Technically, Parker is a part of Alpine School District’s Home and Hospital program.  Due to Parker’s medically fragile status, going to school is just not going to happen anytime soon.  Instead, Parker receives services via Alpine School District.  His teacher comes for 30 minutes a day.  Speech, OT and PT come once a week for the same amount of time.  Parker also receives services from the Utah School of the Deaf and Blind due to his hearing loss.

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While we have had great support from these professionals, the amount of time spent with Parker  no where near meets his educational needs or potential.   I draw on my back ground in education, along with a lot of researching and consulting and home school our Brave Hero.
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I support those who choose to educate their kids in what might be thought of as non-traditional ways.  I believe the end goal of education includes becoming a productive citizen who is empowered to make their individual way in this world regardless of where life may take them.  I don’t believe in limiting education to a specific target or goal.  Education should be a life long endeavor.  Our scope of knowledge influences every single decision we make.   It influences how we interact with the world around us.

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My son’s educational goals will look different from the goals of your 10 year old.  This is how it should be.  Parker has his own unique measure to meet.  No, my son may not be doing what typically developing 10 year olds are doing.  Thinking in those terms misses the point entirely.   Parker’s education focuses on what he needs to know in order to become empowered to make his own individual way in the world.

As you read about what our school years encompasses for this beautiful kid of mine, I hope you’ll focus on what he can do, and how hard he works to progress along his educational path, rather than where you think he should be.  I hope you’ll see the possibilities found within Parker’s own scope and sequence.

PS: Sometimes I don’t have time for a full post.  That’s when you’ll find us on Facebook sharing updates. I hope you’ll join us.

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