Wanted: A Night Nurse That Gets It

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I work hard at being kind of a win-win sort of a person.

But sometimes it backfires.

Especially when dealing with Night Nurses. When it comes to Night Nurses, I ‘ve almost decided that I simply can’t win.

When we let one of our night nurses go a few months ago, our other Night Nurse asked us to please not hire another nurse, but rather to allow her to have those hours.

Okay, I thought.   She’s pretty good with Parker and when she’s here I’m actually able to sleep. Let’s give it a go.

It worked well for the first few months.  Our only requirements were that we need at least ONE weekend night covered.  Other than that this nurse could pick the nights she wanted to work because we knew that she has a family too.

Recently this nurse took 10 days off.  No biggie.  Our Day Nurse was willing to cover a Saturday. Except the Night Nurse didn’t want the day nurse to take ‘her’ hours while she was gone.

For, you know, TEN nights.

(In other words, Night Nurse prefers to have her cake and eat it too.)

It sucked.  But we got through it.

Then last night I discovered that the Night Nurse would be taking the next two Saturdays off.  And, no, she couldn’t cover us on a Friday night either.


I must have not seemed very thrilled because Night Nurse told me that she had already worked it out with Day Nurse for me to give up a day shift so that Day Nurse could work a Saturday.  That way Night Nurse could still take her Saturdays off AND not lose any of her hours.

It would just be me and the Day Nurse that would have to change up our schedules.  Night Nurse expects Day Nurse and I to accommodate her more important than anyone else’s life.


Just a week after we had turned ourselves upside down for her last vacation.

Day Nurse would happily take Night Nurse’s hours.  She’s trying to adopt a little girl from Russia and could use an extra shift or two.

But…….no……Night Nurse wants her hours and vacation too.  She’s very frustrated about this. She can’t understand why she can’t have everything just. the. way. she. wants. it.

I’m calling our nursing company today.  I’ve heard that there is a new nursing company that is looking to expand in our area, and they have night nurses.  Trach and vent trained night nurses.  And if one nurse needs to take a shift off, another one is assigned to take her place.

None of this “Whaddya mean I can’t be the Queen of your Nursing Schedule?”

This is the same nurse that once mentioned that it was her tax dollars that helped to pay for Parker’s Medicaid.

Of course she didn’t make the connection between her employment being dependent on kids like Parker.  THAT apparently totally flew over her head.

I’m tired of nurses that figure they have a family over a barrel and they can do whatever they want and the family should be grateful that the nurse even shows up at all.


If you’ll excuse me, I have a few phone calls to make.  I know that out there somewhere there are professional Night Nurses who understand that the idea of a win-win situation, where choices have consequences and over a barrel isn’t someplace THIS Mama cares to spend her time.


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