Veterans Day

Parker isn’t the only Brave Hero in our family.  Nope.  He comes from a long line of Heroes, and a few horse thieves thrown in just for fun. Yup, Parker walks in the footsteps of my Dad for whom we are celebrating Veterans Day today.

My Dad was the poor guy who carried the radio to relay reconnaissance back to his superiors.  He tells the story of going up in a tin can plane with a Vietnamese friendly who was going to help him scope out the location of the enemy.

The Vietnamese jumped first.

My Dad jumped next.

As my Dad was navigating his way down to solid ground he kept wondering not only why it was raining but how it was raining UP.

The mystery was solved when my Dad hit the ground and discovered that this was his jumping buddy’s first time being kicked out of an airplane and he had been so scared that he had peed his pants all the way down.

Yup.  That rain had been this guy’s pee soaking my Dad.

A Viet Nam Veteran

My Dad served two tours.  I remember the reel to reel tapes he’s send home telling me to be a good girl for my Mama and reminding me how much he loved me.

My Dad returned home with great honors.  A Purple Heart.  A Bronze and Silver Star.   My Dad would fill his pockets with as much ammo as he could possibly carry.  Way more than the other G.I.’s.  This forethought served him well when he and his buddies were pinned down by the enemies and looking the Grim Reaper straight in the eye.  Everyone was out of ammo except for my Dad, who decided that if it was his time, he wasn’t going down without a fight.  He stood up and went to town, saving not only his own life, but the lives of his buddies.

I could go on and on about the awards my Dad has earned over his career.  Instead I’ll just tell you how thankful I am to be his daughter and the lessons his example have taught me.

Happy Veteran’s Day, Dad!


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