Valentine Blessings

The owner of the littlest Hodson heart is starting to feel better.  Not great, but better.  I’ll take it. Happy Valentine’s blessings to us.

There will be a party at school and I’m in charge of the treats, but I don’t think I’ll be taking Parker with me when I drop them off.  There’s still stuff going around and with Parker not 100% I’m not going to take any chances.

Small pincher grasp activity

Parker has Valentines to hand out and hopefully a few smiles to share.  We’ll most likely just leave them on doorsteps as most of the kids in our neighborhood will still be at school.

I’ve also promised myself to take a day off of my Utah Legislative Bill Watch.  Heck, I may even take Friday off too.  Utah is one of the few states in the Union in which insurance companies are not required to cover those with Autism.  There’s a Bill addressing this right now, but if truth be known I don’t know if it will make it all the way through.  This Bill, along with the request for Respite relief for those still waiting on the DSPD list have a good chance of winding up on the cutting room floor.

Montessori inspired Valentine activity

The other day I did some research to see what it would cost, out of pocket, for me to provide ONE of Parker meds.  My finding?  It would cost over $73,000 WHOLESALE  (the price a pharmacy would get the drug for) a year to provide that med out of pocket.  And there are those who truly believe that fundraising for a kid like Parker is the way to go.

A little boy with Down syndrome working on his pincher grasp

But back to Valentine’s Day and love and blessings and being thankful.  Because I do, I have been and I am.   This is what I am choosing to focus on.  I want to live in such a way as to have the privilege of witnessing miracles.  My favorite being the little grouchy one who while  having to sign ‘sorry’ to me today was also simultaneously shaking his head ‘no.’


I hope you not only  feel loved today, but will  have the opportunity to share love today.



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