Using vinegar to clean and disinfect.

Almost all trached kids, off and on, will have colonized MRSA in their trachs.  Now before you go all aghast on me, let me remind you that most of us have MRSA colonized in our very own little noses.  Yup.  That means you.  And you.  And your little one there too.  There’s been some great research lately that using vinegar to clean and disinfect works…..even on MRSA.

A simple solution of half vinegar and half water kills MRSA even better than straight bleach.

Trached kids, who don’t have the reactive airway disease that Parker has, have been able to use vinegar in their nebulizers to keep the MRSA at bay.  SO much cheaper than a round of antibiotics.

Cleaning with Vinegar

Parker’s ENT has asked us to start using a solution of 1/4 white vinegar to 3/4 sterilized water on a q-tip to clean his trach stoma area.  We’ll have to be super careful not to let this solution go into Parker’s trach stoma.  We’ll also have to monitor the area to make sure it doesn’t get to be too dry.

In addition, we’ve been given the green light to use vinegar in Paker’s baths to make sure that his g-tube stoma remains MRSA free.

Now, please remember that I’m NOT a doctor, nor am I smart enough to play one on the internet.  This is just what our ENT has told us to do for Parker.  PLEASE check with your doctor before you use these techniques with your child. 

What sort of things do you use to keep your house germ free?  Do you clean with vinegar

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