Update From Room 3071

Surgery went well.

Parker was voted the recipient of Today’s Blue Plate Special here at PCMC.

That’s cause he was worked on by three different doctors.  He’s got new holes from the top of his trach stoma to the bottom of his belly.

Life was rough  for a minute as our Brave Hero made his way from the last dredges of anesthesia to the pain (literally) of reality.

It’s been a  rocky span of time.  But I think we have the pain under control with  Nubaine, and the crazy making itching under control with a hit of Benadryl.

A mic-key extension tube has been hooked up to Parker’s g-tube button to keep a continuous vent going on the new Nissen.

We’ve been kind of taken by surprise by the amount of air bubbles and tummy stuff that is making it’s way forthwith via the extension tube.

His surgeon keeps telling us that this Nissen was most necessary.  There’s been a whole lot of refluxing going on.

There’s other stuff too.  I’m just too tired to think straight right now.

ps: If this nurse that just walked in wakes my kid up, she’s gonna be spending the rest of the night walking funny.

pps: And I say that in the nicest sort of way.

Actually ALL of our nurses today have truly been excellent in giving care to Parker. We’ve been blessed.


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