Update from a Down syndrome Mama

The older I get, the faster life zips by.  I think I spent half my life hoping time move quicker and now I’m spending it wishing it would slow down.

There has been so much going on.  I thought it would be a good time to offer an update from this Down syndrome Mama.

There’s been this.

A new grandchild.
This kid is six weeks old.  He is an exact replica of Parker’s big brother, Rigel.   He’s made me a Grandmother and Parker an Uncle.  Except I’m not a fan of being called Grandma.  That was my mother in law.  I’m working on a moniker all my own.  Got any ideas?

McCall and Trevor

And this. Parker’s big sister, The Curly Girly is getting married.

Trevor and McCall Then, unfortunately, quite a bit of this……

A sick little boy with Down syndrome on his LTV vent
Just to make sure that life never gets too boring, we’ve had a bit of this added in.    Yeah.  How about that low muscle tone with Down syndrome?

A little boy with Down syndrome escaping his bed.

Seriously.  I need to learn how to live life without blinking.  Within even a nano-moment there’s so much to love.

How have YOU been?


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