Up to PCMC we go….

Taking our Brave Hero up to PCMC for a conference with his ENT as to why his resting heart rate is so funky and he is producing so much freaking snot.

The stuff we are pulling out of Parker’s trach is flat out fascinating.  (In a gross you out the door, sleep deprived kind of way.)

We’ll also be discussing possibility of Parker’s next surgery.

Unless, of course, some THING with his lungs has been hiding that we were previously unaware of.

Yes, I’m worried.


I’m longing to see this happy smile again.

It’s been three months and this kid isn’t back to his baseline yet.

We’ve been through an alphabet’s worth of antibiotics.

Your prayers appreciated.

And GREATLY needed.


  1. mandy May 14, 10
  2. amy flege May 14, 10
  3. Barbara
    May 14, 10
  4. mum2brady May 14, 10
  5. sasha May 15, 10
  6. Photina May 15, 10
  7. tree May 15, 10
  8. Paige May 15, 10
  9. Yamile May 15, 10
  10. Chris A May 15, 10
  11. Loren May 17, 10
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