Uh…….Never Mind

Remember Parker’s Law? The one where absolutely nothing that he has to go through is easy?

Well, it went into overdrive today. Big time.

They tried the scope. Unfortunately, they were unable to use the scope for the PSAR. But with the scope they were able to identify a HUGE hernia. Giant. Right around his upper stoma area.

Remember when he had his stoma revision? The 5 inches of stitches between the upper and lower stomas? Ah…..they’re baaaack……..and around his upper stoma too.

After they fixed the hernia they had to flip him over on his face and then go in the backdoor to do the PSAR.

So we can quite literally say that Parker has stitches up one end and down the other. They are everywhere. Inside, outside. And his tush. His poor, poor teeny tiny tush.

The pain from the hernia repair will be worse than the pain from the tush repair. They are having to give him morphine, verset, and a new oral pain med to keep him calm and not thrashing about.

Did I mention that this kid is in a severe amount of pain?

And he is really, really, really pissed off right now.

Did I mention that this kid can’t even SIT on his tush for at least 10 days?

Did I mention what comes with the dialations that Parker will need to under go for the next six months to a year. And that they too are painful?

Parker has been on the vent since he left the OR and even then his sats have had a few ‘scare the bajeebers out of us’ moments. He will be on the vent through tomorrow I am sure. Parker’s surgery wound up being closer to 5 and a half hours rather than 3 to 4 hours.

We are in the PICU right now. I’m not sure for how long. I would assume until his SATS level out and he doesn’t need his vent to keep them up.

I’m trying to keep all of this in perspective. Especially considering the sweet young parents who were sitting next to us in the waiting room received a diagnosis of malignant liver cancer for their beautiful little one.

But this is going to really be a rough recovery for our Brave Hero.

Oh, what I would give for a Xanax……….or 30.


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