Two Ingredient Playdough Recipe

I love me a quick and easy playdough recipe.  This one meets all the requirements.  Plus, it is simple to put together AND it’s cheap.  How’s that for a perfect summer time activity?

You’ll need:

  • 1 can regular shaving cream.  (not the gel kind)


  • 1 box of corn starch.
  • liquid tempera paint (optional)

Two ingredient playdough recipe


The Method:

  • Pour the corn starch into a container.  I used a shoebox sized tote.

corn startch and shaving cream playdough


  • Add the shaving cream.  I used the entire can of shaving cream because if I used any less the dough was too………what’s the word I’m looking for?…….light and airy?  Basically I was afraid that Parker might wind up inhaling some.  Can’t have that.

So the entire can of shaving cream and about a teaspoon of the liquid tempera was perfect.  If I had not added the tempera I would have added a bit of water.

The best way I can describe the texture is like the orange circus peanuts from when I was a kid.

A simple playdough recipe

We used this dough for both a fine motor skill activity and and alphabet activity.

fine motor skill activities

It was a great success.  One thing I’d mention about this recipe:  splurge on shaving cream that smells good.  I just picked up the regular scented stuff.  erg.

Cornstartch Playdough Recipe

Playing with two ingredient playdough

We did this activity inside today since the weather was kind of blech.  We made a HUGE mess.  Messes in the name of education don’t usually bug me.  But this mess took forever to clean up.  So in respect of true transparency, I’d suggest this be an outside activity.

Really, seriously, suggesting.


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