Have any of you heard of Twitter?

Well, a certain family member, who shall remain nameless, received an invitation to join this up and coming Next Big Thing.

I don’t like my kids to sign up for stuff like this using any of their information. So I went and checked it out and then used my info to sign up for it. This way I can go in every once in a while and check to make sure that things are still safe for my kids. If after awhile things check out fine, I let my kids switch my info for theirs, but still keep the same password so I can continue to check in from time to time.

One caution about Twitter:

Once you sign up, it pulls ALL the addys in your email address book into their system.


And if you aren’t careful a certain nameless family member whose computer skillz know no bounds may wind up sending Twitter invites to EACH AND EVERY MEMBER OF YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS BOOK.

Give or take a few.

And this just might lead to some mighty embarrassing moments.

Like explaining to Parker’s surgeon why he too received a Twitter invitation.

I’m just saying.

Anybody in the market for a certain nameless 12 year old?

So, if you happen to be one of the 90 bajillion people to receive a Twitter invite from us……..


And please know we will be shutting down our Twitter account ASAP.


  1. Melissa Mar 28, 08
  2. Kay Mar 28, 08
  3. HennHouse (Karin) Mar 28, 08
  4. Awesome Mom Mar 29, 08
  5. kari Mar 30, 08
  6. Kay Mar 30, 08
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