Treasure Tuesday: A Lesson Learned

I had hired Rigel to weed my garden. Our summer has been nuts and I needed some help. After showing Rigel what were weeds and where they were I let him have at it.
Imagine my suprise when looking out my bedroom window I noticed that he had pulled out all of my eggplants as well as the weeds! aaaah!

I was, shall we say, not a very happy camper. Reed must have heard me and he went out to save the day…..and or Rigel’s life. He reminded me that we aren’t just growing herbs and veggies, but kids too. He also assured me that for the rest of his life Rigel would remember what and eggplant plant looked like.

Then he and Rigel went to work replanting. I wasn’t convinced that my plants would survive. But they did! And they are doing great! So is Rigel’s self esteem.

Reed and Rigel before the replanting.

Putting ’em back where he found them.

Good as new!

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Soon other media content appeared such as news, videogames, jokes, horoscopes, TV content and advertising.

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The Six M’s are Movement (location), Moment (time), Me (personalization), Multi-user (community), Money (payments) and Machines (automation).


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