Tracking Health Patterns

I have the medical binder for Parker, complete with pages of history, meds, vent settings and the like.  Now I’m taking notes on a daily basis in my quest to keep Parker healthy.  Tracking health patterns can help prevent problems before they get out of control.



I wanted a simple system that I could look at ‘at a glance’ that would enable me to see any patterns that may be emerging in Parker’s health.

For example, we know that when Parker’s heart rate goes up he’s getting sick.  But I often don’t recall exactly what day his heart rate may have started going up or how high it’s been cycling.  Recording this on a daily basis is a great help in tracking health patterns.



Or there’s the poop patrol.  When you have a former IA kid who now also has ulcerative colitis, knowing when he pooped and what it looked like is important.  (sorry if that’s TMI, but I’m just keeping it real)  Yup, poop also has it’s own pattern that needs to be tracked.

It’s handy to have a quick way to view what’s gone into Parker’s blenderized diet every day.  This let’s me use both his diet and his poop patrol recordings to see any patterns in constipation or if perhaps a certain new food isn’t agreeing with him.



I can list exactly when I need to call in refills.   I can refill about 7 days before the last pill, which allows me to be able to build a small stash of meds in case of an emergency?  Do you ever get nervous about what would happen in an emergency and your kid couldn’t get his meds?  I do.  All the time.

There are only so many BIG things you can do to improve the heath of a medically fragile child with special needs.   Then you have to move to managing the smaller things and making the most of tweeking those. Tracking health patterns is actually more important than it may sound.  Small things often turn into big things, and that is what I’m trying to prevent here.

How do you keep medical records for your child?    How do you mange the small things in order to prevent them from turning into big things?



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