The surgical procedures all went well.

Good news is that Parker’s lungs still have their elasticity. His actual airways are of normal size.

His sats are beautiful right now.

Parker is no longer in need of a CPAP machine at night. < —- GIANT BLESSING!

It was confirmed while they had the little camera down his airway that the low tone in Parker’s tongue is really wrecking havoc with his ability to breathe. Add a collapsing (even though normal sized) trachea and viola, Trach City.

Parker had been resting comfortably. But the drugs wore off, he woke up and needed to be suctioned. A happy camper he was not. Suctioning scares him. The newness of breathing through a trach instead of his nose is scary.

And Parker is angry. Really, really angry.

I know it will get better. It will get easier. But that isn’t much comfort for tonight. And try telling that to a two year old who is scared and hurts NOW.

I didn’t realize that we would from now on be bringing a suction machine with us where ever we go. I need to think of a way to turn an oxygen bottle, trach tube and suctioning machine into a fashion statement. Any ideas?

Then there are the questions I have. How do we provide the humidity Parker needs for this trach when we leave home? The tube to the humidifier in the PICU is only a few feet long. Is that the amount of freedom that Parker will be limited to at home? How will he ever learn how to crawl. How will I know when I am sleeping if Parker needs to be suctioned?

I am praying that this Trach does what it is expected to. I am praying that by by passing a whacked out airway his heart won’t have to work so hard to get air to his lungs and his PH values will receed and Parker will grow and be healthy.

And then finally………..FINALLY, Parker can just be a normal kid.

Normal. What a concept.


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