Totally Typical

For the most part, spending time with Parker in his safe room is all about doing things that the Brave Hero loves. Playing with his toys. Watching Signing Time. Reading. Reading some more.

Oh, and did I mention reading?

But every once in a great while Mom needs to accomplish something of her own while she is hanging out with her littlest guy.

And that is when the trouble begins.

To show his great displeasure (and how spoiled he is) Parker likes to throw things in an attempt to get my attention and thus try to convince me to play with him.

Which wouldn’t be so bad if his aim wasn’t so uncannily perfect and what he chose to throw wasn’t so hard.

Uh. Ouch!.

Consequences for throwing include having to pick up and put away the object thrown, followed by a time out on his naughty pillow.

Hey, the kid just had surgery on his tush. A naughty chair, bench or stool just wasn’t going to work.

But, if the time out on the naughty pillow doesn’t get the message across, then I have to pull out the big guns. A time out in the crib. To take a nap. Even if it isn’t nap time. Gasp!

And as you can see, this has an immediate effect on the naughtiness.


Don’t you think he looks totally repentant for what he has done?

Yeah. Me neither.


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