Today We Are Six

Our Brave Hero turned six early this morning.

One of my happiest days ever, along with the birth of Parker’s older siblings.

Before Parker I kept feeling as though somebody was missing.   But six years ago today I knew that finally, we were all here.  Together just as was planned in the time before this.

My joy was immense.

I remember that instead of my doctor putting Parker directly on my chest as the others had been, Reed reached out and claimed his new born son.  I remember Reed and Parker looking into each others eyes and falling in love. I remember falling in love with Reed all over again in that exact moment.

I also remember Parker peeing all over the OB.  But that’s a story for another day.  Served him right for choosing to leave the hospital to go home for a shower five minutes before Parker choose to make his grand debut.


We’ll do our actual celebrating on Sunday when everyone can be here.  I’ll have lots of pictures to share.  I promise.


But today I just wanted to say thank you to my Father in Heaven for his trust in me with one of His most amazing of spirits.


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