To The Moon and Back

I spent today on the phone.

Arguing with insurance companies.

And trying to get a new med for Parker worked out while STILL waiting for his Flovent prescription to be pre-authed.

Just as the pressure was building Parker’s g-tube failed.


I called the g-tube company only to be told that if the tube lasted for at least a month, then they don’t consider it defective.  It must be something on our side.  Like the level of acid in Parker’s stomach.

I wasn’t impressed.  It seems like something this expensive should have people standing behind their work.

I finally got a new g-tube sent out.  On the company’s dime.

I sat down in a bit of discouragement.  Why is it so hard to keep a kid alive?  Sometimes everything seems like such a fight.

Then I remembered this picture.


There isn’t one person in this family who doesn’t love this kid to the moon and back.

There isn’t one person in the family who wouldn’t do whatever it took to provide our Hero with the care he needs.

And that includes me.


  1. Jen Jun 21, 11
  2. Rhiannon Fieri
    Jun 21, 11
  3. Rhiannon Fieri
    Jun 21, 11
  4. Chris Jun 22, 11
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