Tired Doesn’t Really Describe It

I knew I hadn’t been feeling way swift.

Reed kept teasing me that it was just old age.

My doctor, however, diagreed with Reed’s diagnosis.

Seems as though my iron is low.

Realllly low.

So I go in today and start me some IV Iron Therapy.

Yeah.  I get to go on all the really fun field trips, eh?

While I’m hooked up to a bag full of iron, will you guys go and leave some comment love for these sweet women who are spreading a whole lot of Parky love?

Simply This, That and the Other.

Kim @ Bitty Bits & Pieces.

Kim is the talent behind Parker’s Christmas Quilt Raffle.  She takes amazing to new heights.

Kim has just added a handmade stocking to Parker’s raffle.  There are quite a few things you can win besides the quilt and the stocking.

For those of you who have already entered the raffle, I’ve got a list of your names ready to give to Kim.

I’ll be back later with an update……….complete with lots of Parky pictures.  He’s been one very busy guy.

Which is code for “My Christmas Tree Will Never Be The Same.”



  1. Thimbleanna Dec 15, 08
  2. Kim Ayres Dec 15, 08
  3. Denise Pequignot Dec 15, 08
  4. kelli
    Dec 15, 08
  5. Alisha Dec 15, 08
  6. Suzi Searles Dec 15, 08
  7. Kim Walus Dec 15, 08
  8. Steph Dec 16, 08
  9. Kaci Dec 16, 08
  10. MomOf3(4ToB) Dec 16, 08
  11. Awesome Mom Dec 16, 08
  12. Katie Dec 16, 08
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