Times Flies

Twenty two years ago yesterday Reed and I were married. The ceremony was beautiful, the reception perfect. Happily ever after seemed secure.

The girl I was back then rode off with her Prince Charming in a bright red pickup truck into the sunset of perfection.

The girl I was then never would have imagined that Happily Ever After would include exploding ostomy bags, medical bills we have no idea how we will pay, and the variety of dirty laundry that could reproduce overnight, morphing from just a few items needing to be washed when I went to bed, to a mountain I could barely see over when I awoke the next morning.

But one’s defintion of Happlily Ever After tends to change over time. Mature. The girl I was then never would have been grateful for the ostomy bags and laundry. She wouldn’t have understood that they represent six of the people in this world she loves the most. Six of her greatest blessings.

Last night Reed and I shared an anniversary dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches while we hung out in Parker’s hospital room.

He’s still my Prince Charming. Happily Ever After still seems secure.

Perfection is simply in the heart of the beholder. And the girl I am now is so grateful she has been blessed with the experiences from which she could learn such an important life lesson.voyeur free moviesmovies petite sapphicdirty dancing movieclips movie ebony porn freefree krystal steal moviesporno moviehidden disney movie sexfucking movies granny Map


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