Three Days and Counting

until Parker’s surgery.

I’m trying my best to stay upbeat. But last night the ‘what-if’s’ started creeping in. Pulmonary Hypertension is such an unpredictable disease. I can remember all too well the PICU stays spent watching my child circle the drain trying to fight back after surgery because of this disease. Who would have thought that getting your tonsils out could (and did) almost kill a child?

It most likely isn’t helping that I am dealing with the sinus infection from hell. I’ve got an appointment for a z-pack in just a few minutes. I SHOULD have gone in a week ago. sigh… If I am sick on Friday they won’t let me be with Parker during his recovery. And that simply won’t happen.

I want to thank everyone for their help too. From RME to the fundraisers being held for our Brave Hero, thank you.

I wanted to post pictures of some of the beautiful gifts Parker has received in the mail. Things to help his recovery go faster. But MANY have asked that I not do that…….and so I honor that request. But know that these items have been set aside for after Friday when I know Parker will need some fun things to help take his mind off of the next couple of weeks.

And now an update:

Guess who is pulling himself up on EVERYTHING….all by himself…..


The sad thing is that until his tush heals we are under strict orders NOT to let him do this for fear of him plopping back down and breaking open a bum full of stitches. Just our luck, eh? We are going to have to duct tape this kid to the wall. He is a total mover and shaker.


Please keep this beautiful soul in your prayers. I truly can’t imagine a child more deserving of the title ‘Brave Hero’ than this one.

I know that I am biased, but sometimes I look at this sweet face and am blown away by the beauty and innocence that I see.


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