Thirty-six and a Half

Those of us who have kids with special needs tend to celebrate milestones a little differently than our peers raising only typical kids.

I’ll never forget when Parker started walking.


He was 3.5 years old.


We were still celebrating months later.

For some reason when your kid has to work so much harder to gain a skill other kids just pick up naturally, the result is so much sweeter.


Tuesdays are weigh in days for Parker.

This week our Brave Hero weighed in at Thirty-six and a Half pounds.

A milestone of magnificence.



Well, this puts Parker on the growth chart for kids with Down syndrome.

Gaining weight means that Parker’s heart isn’t having to work so hard that it’s causing him to lose weight.

It means that the blenderized diet we create each day for Parker WORKS.


And it means that his almost 7 year old, teeny tiny designer hiney can actually FINALLY FIT into size 4t jeans.

BTW, those of you who shop consignments stores, NOW is a great time to shop for Fall clothes as they are marked down mightily during the summer.  The first week of August will be a great time to shop for NEXT year’s summer clothes.  Summer clothes will soon be marked down mightily.

PS:  Still no word on the new date for the right heart cath.  But seeing as we are heading into another 2 week round of antibiotic for this darn sinus infection of Parker’s pushing this cath back may have been a bit serendipitous after all.



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