Thirty-eight and a HALF……



Okay, I know the steroids have a lot to do with this, but we are happy dancing over here anyway.

A certain Brave Hero has reached the grand weight of thirty-eight and a HALF pounds. He’s grown himself the sweetest little Budda Belly. His belly button has return to an ‘innie’ instead of the half starved ‘outtie’ he sports when he’s lost a ton of weight.

Look at that face. Can you see the chubby cheeks? I know the handsome is blinding……heh.


And the smile…….the smile is back. I’m hoping that is from feeling better. I’m praying it is from feeling better. Eh, the hell with it. He’s been so much happier lately. I’ll take it.

PS:  HUGE favor?  With all that has been going on with Parker’s health, PFP had suffered.  I haven’t been posting as much due to my time and attention being turned to our Hero’s needs. Would you take a moment to tweet this post or share it on FB?  I’d like to get our numbers and readers back up so as to be able to offer some super awesome opportunities for you guys.  I’ll work on posting more and on the quality of content if you’ll give your social media fingers a workout on our social media buttons below.  xoxo



  1. Dana for PHS
    Jul 25, 12
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    Aug 5, 12
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