Things that make me want to smack someone…..

Parker’s been sick.  Throwing up.  Fever.  Diapers from h@ll.


We’ve been trying to get an appointment into GI for the last several days.  Every time I call, I get a message telling me to leave a message.  I leave the required message.  Then I get my call returned FROM GENERAL SURGERY.

WTH?  If I wanted to talk to General Surgery then I would call GENERAL SURGERY.

Call Pedi’s office asking for help.  Pedi’s office calls.  Seems as though if you child hasn’t been seen in THREE MONTHS with GI then they consider you a NEW PATIENT…and apparently they aren’t accepting new patients right now.

Again, I ask, WTH?

Yesterday our Pulmo almost stroked out when she realized that Parker receives Albuterol TWICE A DAY EVERY DAY.  Kids with PH and Albuterol don’t mix well due to the fact that the Albuterol raises the HEART RATE and other not so great stuff.  The stuff lasts for about 4 hours.  And we’ve been administering it to him TWICE a day…..EVERY DAY.

Pardon me while bang my head against the wall for a minute.

Parker used to receive Xeopenex.  But Medicaid stopped covering it and we  started receiving Albuterol instead.

So now we have another script for Xeopenex.  Our private insurance will cover it, but it comes with an out of pocket payment of (approx) $150.00 a month.    ahem.

At this very moment I have a baggie tapped to my child’s butt.  I need to a stool sample.  An uncontaminated stool sample.

Fun times.  Fun, fun times.

I can’t help but wonder if I were Carl Wimmer if I couldn’t get my good buddy Chuck Warren, a lobbyist who’s bill Wimmer sponsored,  to find a way to pay for Parker’s uncovered medical needs.

I mean, Warren happily paid for the Wimmer’s tickets to Atlas Shrugged, AND put Wimmer’s wife on his payroll.

Yup, Mr. ‘I stand on Constitutional Principles’ himself sings  a different tune when things are benefiting him.  In the world of political ethics, shouldn’t a “I’ll scratch YOUR back if you’ll SCRATCH mine” relationship with a lobbyist be more than a bit suspect?

So, the big question is, what’s in it for Warren if Wimmer gets elected to Congress?



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