Things That Make Me Go, “Hmmmm….”

Ah, Our Home Health Care Company. A place where Brilliant Minds reside.

This month they were supposed to send us two BOXES of the strip paste we use to adhere Parker’s ostomy bags to his tummy. Ostomy bags are notorious for failing, falling off, getting pulled off, and all matter of fun and exciting stuff like that.

So, in just one day active little kids can go through more than just one ostomy bag.

But the Brilliant Minds at our Home Health Care Company are totally sure that two strips of this adhesive should be enough to last us all month long. Even during the months that Parker wore TWO ostomy bags.

I’ve called and argued. I’ve had Parker’s pedi write for TWO BOXES THIS MONTH. But still the Brilliant Minds send us just two strips of the adhesive.

And to add insult to injury, guess what they charge us per stirp?


Remember, this stuff is nothing but glorified Silly Putty. I kid you not. If I rolled both strips up into a ball it would be about the size of a marble.

Per strip the charge us SIX DOLLARS. SIX *&^$% DOLLARS.

And in case you think I’m not telling the truth here:


We are still praying that what Parker’s primary insurance refuses to pay will get run through Medicaid. The Travis C Waiver states that kids with trachs get nursing through respite and Medicaid coverage. Two totally different divisions here in Utah.

Except the powers that be are now saying that just a trach alone isn’t enough. Just because Parker could DIE without a trach isn’t enough. NOW a child has to have a certain amount of time on their vent to quailfy. Parker is on a vent at night. And now during naptime. But yet the fight continues.

This state simply sucks more often than not.

As tax paying residents we could lose our home (we’ve already paid out our savings, have credit card balances beyond belief, not to mention other eye-popping medical bills) and this state couldn’t care less.

Yet an illegal immigrant can cross over the border and receive WIC, free services from PCMC PLUS housing and food benefits without a question being asked.

Each year PCMC raises funds through the Children’s Miracle Network. We are talking BIG money here. And as part of their promo they talk about how your ability to pay makes no difference to them. Yet we get collection notices often. Really often.

Did I say notices? Allow me to rephrase that. It is more like collection threats. That is pretty much what they are. Threats if we don’t come up with all the money…

When I called and asked if some of our bills could find relief using any of these funds we were told that these contributions were given to those with no insurance and those from other countries…..illegal immigrants making up a large portion to whom these funds are given .

And, yup, some days I really am bitter about this.

Today just happens to be one of those day.


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