Things that can drive a special needs Mama to drink…

Across my Twitter stream this morning came the news.

All that waits is the official announcement.

Carl Wimmer is running for Congress.

Wimmer says his exploratory committee has raised more than $100,000, and he likes that he has about 180 individual donors. He declined to be more specific.

Let me get this straight.  A man who’s biggest claim to fame is legislation to name a State Gun has people who can’t wait to throw money at him to ‘explore’ a potential run for Congress.

Yet thousands of us in this same state fight tooth and nail to try and provide our medically fragile children with the medical care they need, being told that if we would only turn to private charities and churches all would be well.

Did I mention I’m still trying to beg my way to an extra g-tube or two for Parker?  Seems as though all the private charities and churches are fresh out of ’em.

BTW,  Wimmer wouldn’t blink an eye on a sweeping vote against Medicaid waivers if it meant keeping his darling status with the Tea Party fraction of Utah’s Republican Party.

Oh, and did I mention that Mike Lee, the other darling of Utah’s Republican Party, will be hosting a fund raiser for Wimmer in DC on June 14th.

Wimmer is a modern day Constitutional Chameleon, changing his colors depending on the politics of the person  he is standing next to.

Maybe we need to surround Wimmer with a whole lotta medically fragile kids with special needs. Invite him to change a few ostomy bags, suction a few snot plugs, perform a few bolus feeds,  review a few medical bills and credit card statements used to pay those bills with?

Oh. Wait.  I already did that once.

Wimmer declined.

Yup, this is the kind of stuff that can drive a special needs Mama to drink…..

I’ll bring the Diet Dr. Pepper if you’ll bring the ice.




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