Today was a bumper crop of therapies for Parker. He saw his OT, his pre-school teacher and his PT.

Parker’s Physical Therapist is amazing. Even though this PT is tough and expects nothing but the best from Parker……he loves this therapist and tries to do his best for her.

Today’s workout included Parker sitting on Jodi’s leg and then ALL BY HIMSELF pulling to a stand at the couch:


Jodi’s hands are there just in case Parker decides to change his mind and plop back down.


But Parker’s desire to be where the toys were won out. And up he pulled…..and stayed!

Oh, the cheering! The cheering could be heard for miles around! Okay, maybe not really miles. But the excitement absolutely made today a day to remember!


Parker is still having a hard time understanding WHY crawling is such a big deal when his butt scoot boogie is so much quicker.


But he made it to his airplane and even brought himself back into a sit from a side position.

I’m telling you, it was a good day for physical therapy.

Look out world, our Brave Hero is on his way! Dragging his tubes and cords behind him!

And on a side note:

Parker’s cardiologist called last night. Once again he reassured me that he believed that Parker’s PH values will, with time, reverse themselves even more.

And maybe one day I’ll actually be able to relax and believe him.


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