The worth of my son with special needs.

When Parker was just a baby, we took him to an Endocrinologist due to his growth issues.  She looked over Parker’s records and then looked at me.  As she stared me straight in the eye she tole me that Parker was a kid not only with severe pulmonary hypertension, but also a kid with Down syndrome; and what would doing anything really matter?


I have found myself actually  having to convince  people of the worth of my son with special needs.

I’m not so sure what is so hard about seeing that worth. It seems perfectly obvious to me.

Yet, there are those who won’t make the effort to even take a glance.

There are elected officials like Colin Brewer, who after claiming disabled children should be put down because they cost too much money’, stepped down from office only to be recently re-elected again.


Not long after he shared this analogy of the worth of my son with special needs:

Looking for analogies to support his view, Brewer compared disabled children to farmers’ treatment of animals, telling the agency: “If they have a misshapen lamb, they get rid of it. They get rid of it. Bang!”

I wouldn’t even have to travel out of the state of Utah to find those heavily involved in the political scene who share ideas not all that far away from Brewer’s.   No way, no how do I believe that these people, if in our position, would watch their child die instead of accepting Parker’s Travis C. Waiver.

This kind of intolerance never fails to knock me straight on my butt with my mouth agape..  How can other human beings look at my child, and others with special needs,  and declare that they don’t deserve the extra resources it might take for them  to achieve their potential.

I wonder what these same people would think if before they could receive a life saving transplant, medication, or life enhancing therapies that they had to have a Mensa level IQ.

I’m sure that would go over like  lead balloon.

There are those who understand the worth of my son with special needs.  And for them I am eternally grateful.  Then there are others who, despite my best attempts, simply refuse to take that look and consider Parker’s potential.

These are the people for whom I’m setting my heart on ignore.

Cause ain’t no amount of educating  going to change the minds deliberately stuck on ignorance.

Besides, I’ve got more important things to do.  Like proving them wrong.

A little boy with Down syndrome

This isn’t just a picture of a little kid with Down syndrome.  This, my friends, is a picture of pure potential. 


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