It was the first thing my Mom said to me when she walked through the door Thursday evening.

This, she said.  Read it.  Now. 

It was an article in the Daily Herald, our local Utah County newspaper. The VIPs:  Sports league for special needs children wraps up season.  The front page article has a picture of a young man with Down syndrome swinging a softball bat at an upcoming pitch.

My Mom looked me in the eye and told me that she KNEW, she knew deep in her heart that Parker could participate in this special needs league.  And when my Mom says she knows something, she mean it in a spiritual way, not just a grabbing it out of thin air sort of way. (Oh, yeah.  I’m going there.)

My Mom and I looked at each other and both had the same thought.  We’ve got to get this kid into that intensive therapy program through Now I  When we went to our interview there two of my biggies I asked about included riding an adaptive bike, and swinging a bat for T-ball.

big brother little brother

Parker is a mini clone of his two brothers.  If it falls under the title of sports and comes with a ball, he loves it.  Some kids fall asleep with their favorite stuffed animals.  My boys slept with their favorite basketballs.

We spent the next hour talking about Parker’s yard sale on the 27th.

The Blue Eyed Girl has passed out one heck of a stack of flyers.

We still need help in getting word out for donations for items to be sold at the yard sale and, of course for people to come and shop.

We’d love your help with either one.  If you could share this post or this blurb on your local FB pages or blogs, well, that would be awesome.

Parker Hodson is an eight year old medically fragile little boy with Down syndrome living in the Utah County area. Despite a trach, the need for oxygen 24/7, a g-tube and an extra chromosome, Parker has been blessed with GREAT potential and a family that adores him. On July 27th there will be a yard sale held to help Parker achieve his potential and cover the costs of therapies not paid by insurance. We are looking for the donation of items from your Spring/Summer cleaning that while no longer of use to you, might be just the treasure someone else has been searching for. You can read more about Parker and his yard sale at:


PS: Did you know that 3 out of 5 bankruptcies in the state of Utah are due to medical bills?  Yes, indeed.  People are losing their homes, their shirts and their futures in order to keep a loved one alive, and these are people with insurance too.