The Sick (part 123,908)

We are still here.

Just busy.

Trying to figure out why Parker’s sick only cleared up for ONE (yes, ONE!) stinkin’ day.

It started creeping back yesterday.

And it’s taken over again today.

His oxygen requirements are up again.  As is his heart rate.

And as soon as I finish this note I’ll be calling Parker’s preschool teacher and canceling this week’s appointment.

Because, really, who wants to take a chance of hauling this crud home with them.

We’ll be back as soon as we can come up with a plan…what letter are we on now…..uh…..Q I think…..

Yeah, we’ll be back as soon as we can come up with a plan Q for getting rid of this gunk.

Prayers asking for inspiration for those with more letters behind their name than I’ve got much appreciated.

PS:  I promise.  I’ll draw a Melissa and Doug winner soon.  This easel is worth waiting for though.  I promise.


  1. Barbara
    May 12, 10
  2. Nina May 12, 10
  3. christine May 12, 10
  4. Photina May 13, 10
  5. sasha May 13, 10
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