The Red Thread and My Child with Special Needs

There is a Chinese folklore, which tells about the connection of family members.  The Chinese say that there are invisible red threads that connect a newborn child’s spirit to all of the people that will be important in their life.  As the child grows, the threads shorten to bring these people closer together.


Parker’s red threads came in the form of oxygen tubing, ostomy bags, schedules,  medications, therapies, Dr. appointments, maxed out credit cards, and long sleepless night.

Yes.  You read that right.  All of these things have helped bring our family closer together.


Parker is the one each of my kids make sure to say goodbye to before they leave our house, and he’s the first one the seek out when they get home.

Through Parker my kids have learned the meaning of sacrifice and it’s power to make a family stronger instead of bitter.

The Red Threads bring us closer as we gather to pray and fast for the littlest Hodson boy, and through our prayers our faith is increased.

I’d like to add a bit to this Chinese lore.  I believe that not only do the Red Threads connect Parker to those of us here on earth, but to those in Heaven as well.  The ones who gather together in protection and love beyond a veil hidden from our view.


The uniqueness of Parker’s threads has introduced us to a lifestyle shared by so many other beautiful children and  families; others who have inspired us to push the boundaries set by those not connected by our variety of threads.


Each day I thank my Father in Heaven for the beauty and blessings He’s given us through Parker’s extra chromosome, and the  Red Threads that serve to weave a legacy of love within our family and the many others who love our Brave Hero.

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