The Power of One

One good heart.

One desire to make a difference.

One  talented softball team.

All coming together for one little kid.

THAT’S the power of ONE.



1. an opponent or rival whom a person cannot best or overcome.


Triple Crown Tournament

Silver Division Champs

Parker’s friend, Brooke, a player for Nemesis, a local girl’s softball team,  wanted so much to hit a homerun for our Brave Hero.  But the softball fences weren’t up on the fields yet.

No biggie.

Instead, Brooke decided to win Parker a tournament medal.  The entire Nemesis team rallied behind her.

Unfortunately, when you are the youngest team in the league, all the other teams are gunning for you.   Brooke and her team were trying so hard to win that when they came in 4th (out of NINETEEN teams), Brooke’s heart was broken.


Sanpete Shoot Out Champions

Brooke’s fellow softball champions on Nemesis were so moved by her desire to do something for Parker, that they decided to make Parker the Honorary Team Captain .

Nemesis decided to play the rest of the year with the motto:

Playing For Parker“.


Brooke’s (on the left) brother and a couple of sweet team mates came for a photo shoot for the “Playing For Parker” banner. Brooke’s brother did a much better job catching pictures than I did.


A certain Brave Hero wasn’t all that interested in smiling.


Still not so interested.

Nemesis has plans for fundraisers.  And bracelets that read “Step Up to the Plate“.  Each time someone purchases a bracelet the proceeds go to Parker’s Medical fund.

Best of all though is the knowledge that there is an entire team out there loving and praying for our Brave Hero.

Which means so very much to our entire family.


NOW he smiles. sheesh.

Tracey and James (Brooke’s parents) are pretty amazing themselves.  They wanted to make sure that Nemsis was a team where money wasn’t an issue, a team where you could play no matter what your circumstances were, as long as you gave it 110%.  Because of this Nemesis is fully sponsored by Brooke’s parents as well as Nemesis’ other coach.

If you plan on spending some time at the softball fields this summer, and you happen to meet up with a team called Nemesis, stop and tell them thank you for us, won’t you please?


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