The News

Well, as far as the stoma study went……we are still waiting to hear from the surgeon. But the radiologist didn’t feel as though there was much to be concerned about. There is a big of swelling on the back part of Parker’s stoma. This would be the part that is under his skin and not visible on the outside.

There has been talk about getting Parker into the OR for a better look. I am wondering if it might just be a better idea to wait until after the RSV season and begin the PSARP process. This poor kid has had more than his fair share of surgeries already and I hate to add to that list.

Today I am going to be working on trying to get these films faxed to Dr. Levitt at CCHMC. The whole two heads are better than one idea, you know?

We ran in to Parker’s cardiologist while we were waiting to be called into the radiology room. He reminded us that he still wanted to get a right heart cath on Parker. And low and behold, the heart cath scheduler just called to nail down a date. Parker’s cardiologist is an amazing man and we are very grateful to have him on our team.

But a bit of GOOD NEWS: It seems as though there was a misunderstanding on how much our co-pay for a synergis shot for Parker really would be. Parker’s Ped’s office has been so pro-active in trying to secure these for Parker. Low and behold our out of pocket costs would actually only be $8.33.


Somebody at Medco obviously needs to spring for a new calculator.

Or at least figure out how to use BOTH hands when they count.

So today we will be taking our Brave Hero down for his synergis and a couple of other vacs that he is due for. I’ve done the research and for a child as medically fragile as Parker I believe that these shots are the right way to go. Whooping cough has made a rip roaring comeback where we live and I’m confident that Parker’s risk of contracting that is significantly higher than any other risks that may or may not be an issue from vaccines.

I’ll try and update with some pics tomorrow. I’ve got a wild ride of a day ahead of me today.

Thanks so much for the prayers and beautiful comments and support.


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