The Great Tobramycin Race

Preface: I had just put the finishing touches on this post when I heard the doorbell ring.  I go to the door to find a gentleman who hands me an envelope while refusing to give me his name…or the name of who asked him to deliver this same envelope to us.

“It’s an anonymous type of deal,” the gentleman tells me.

Suffice it to say that Parker’s  Tobi this month has been covered.

Thank you.

What am I talking about many may be wondering?

Read on:


We  heard from Parker’s Pulmo.

The verdict?

A  round of Tobramycin with an eye to making this a monthly event.

Suh-weet, I find myself thinking.  Finally….maybe we can get Parker back to his baseline.

Except our insurance  denies coverage of the Tobi.


After a few hours worth of frantic phone calls, we get a one time only approval under an emergency status.

Okay, I think,  I’ll take what I can get and go from there.

Reed races up to a local hospital to get the prescription.

Meds in hand, breathing a sigh of relief, Parker’s Dad begins to count his blessings in being able to procure this inhaled antibiotic for his son.


Until he hears the words, “That will be $750.00 dollars, please.”

Yup.  The co-pay for Tobramycin via EMIA is SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS A MONTH.

Which means that this stuff is literally worth more than it’s weight in gold.

And Parker’s Medicaid waiver?  Refusing to bring anything to the party.

I’d like to take a moment here and ask how many of you reading could afford SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS A MONTH for a prescription and still afford to feed your family.

Yeah.  Us neither.


So instead of coming home with a full dose of Tobi, Reed came home with $250.00 worth.  Enough to last through today.

Which means that I’m going to be glued to the phone in the morning hoping to either find a cheaper place to purchase this stuff…..or find friends to help in robbing a bank.

I’m thinking  getting that bank robbed is going to be our best option.


PS: To let everyone know, we’ll be contacting a lot agencies if the Tobi becomes a monthly medication.  (MANY kids with trachs wind up needing this medication on a monthly basis. It’s kinda normal.)  MANY thanks for tonight’s gift that gives us breathing room to contact other agencies in our goal of providing Parker with Tobramycin.


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