The Great Hearing Aid Chase

A year and a half ago Parker had a sedated ABR.  The news was surprising at best.  Parker’s hearing in his right ear was severely damaged.  His left ear not as bad, but still not as good as his newborn hearing test had shown.  We were given the name of an audiologist and told to make an appointment with her to work with Parker in the hearing booth and to progress on the path of getting our Brave Hero fixed up in a manner to increase his ability to to hear, and thus, the great hearing aid chase began.

We met with a couple of audiologist through Primary’s.  Parker, in his typical fashion, was goofier than goofy in the initials meetings.  We were told that there was no way he would co-operate in the hearing booth and sent on our way.

Parker Hodson

You’d never think a face as cute as this one could be a pure and total goofball the minute after walking into an audiologist’s office.


Swell, eh?

I finally heard of an audiologist in Provo, who is not part of PCH’s team, but is excellent with Parker.


Except. …..

When his tubes were checked they were found to no longer be working.

So we had them replaced at PHC.


Next appointment in Provo with our new audiologist and we discovered that we needed a new ABR before a hearing aid could be made.  And this ABR needed to have a wider spectrum of testing performed.

um.  Really?

Our ENT was not impressed, insisting that the first ABR could be used.  The audiologist was not impressed with what the ENT thought.

And  here WE are stuck in the middle of the great hearing aid chase.

So today I get to spend the day on the phone in hopes of convincing the ENT to perform another ABR, this one meeting the requirements of the audiologist.

Pray for me?  This could be another one of those days spent hitting my head against a brick wall.

The GOOD news is that according to this audiologist is that the damage in Parker’s left ear is the type that with these new tubes could be corrected to fully normal hearing.


But the hearing in his right ear is shot.


Trying to look at the positive side of things, keeping track of only one hearing aid is better than having to keep track of two.

Since Parker’s new tubes have been placed, Parker has regained his interest in videos, singing, etc.

BIG Woot!

But first to get a new ABR scheduled.

Wish us luck.  We’re gonna need it.


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