The Good, The Bad, and the What The Hell?

The first thing that Doctor A said to us during Parker’s appointment was that he had just recieved notice that both our private insurance as well as Medicaid are no longer willing to pay for Parker’s vent.

Which falls under the What The Hell? heading.

However, did you notice that I said that Doctor A was at today’s appointment?   Yup, he was the Pulmo we saw today.

And I know Doctor A will fight for that vent.

Score one for the crazy lady who made not a few lives miserable yesterday.  (And for Parker’s PCP who made more than a few calls herself.)

So what if there are more than a few people up at Primary’s who wish I would fall over a cliff?

My  crazy got us an appointment with our Pulmo.  Which is a good thing.

Reed insists that I include the fact that my brand of crazy  also got us a visit from a social worker today to see just how deep my crazy goes.


Some questions were answered.  A ton of testing ordered.  There will be a bit of OR time in Parker’s future.  As well as a CT scan.  And a FEES.  Plus some other stuff I’m too tired to remember.


I’m still a bit freaked over the cath results.  The Pulmo is too.  His ability to oxygenate his blood well enough is nervous making.

Cardio thinks the results from this cath were not much different than the last cath.     But that’s not the trend we’ve been hoping for.  And we need to find a way to turn this around.  There are a few options.  A few maybes.

And a hell of a lot of ‘who knows?’

The next cath will be major.  And you can bet I’ll have that extra strength Valium on hand.  With refills.

Sigh.  Just got a call from Parker’s PCP.  They’d like some bloodwork done NOW. 7:30 at night. So off we go.

Yeah.  This would fall under The Bad.

ETA:  Bloodwork all grand.  It’s either the antibiotic or the stomach flu.  Not the new meds.

And that would fall under The Good.

The Good. Boy, do we need a whole lot more of that in our lives right now.


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